Software development

Our European IT outsourcing team is renowned for its expertise in productivity and collaboration. We have a long track
record of success, having developed a comprehensive solution for a multiplatform office suite and team collaboration.

In-depth understanding of the software development process in the productivity & collaboration domain:

- Professional technical and business audit of existing solutions and backlog development
- Smooth, time and cost-efficient software development process based on agile principles
- Rapid solution completion and launch
- Thorough quality assurance procedures to ensure reliable and trustworthy solutions

Segments we work with

Technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information that helps executives, managers and workers make informed decisions. The BI software collects data from internal&external sources, processes and analyzes it and create data visualizations, BI dashboards.

The primary types of team collaboration tools are file sharing tools, instant messaging (IM), cloud storage, online whiteboards, document synchronization, video conferencing and calendar sharing tools. Office suites represent advanced document,spreadsheets and database tools for teams..

Type of online collaborative software that helps people plan, schedule, and execute projects. It allows users to assign work to different people, track progress, and measure productivity.

Document management is a system used for organizing, categorizing, storing, and finding documents. Document automation systems are designed to assist people and companies in the creation of electronic documents.

The main benefit of contract lifecycle management software is having all contract-related data and workflows in one place without a need to install a bunch of other tools for drafting, editing, collaborating, signing, storing separately and for additional costs.

Accounting software manages and records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization, including fixed asset management, expense management, revenue.

What will you get as a result

Clear view on your product from a technical and business standpoint

Independence from external libraries

In-house editing tool

Advanced tools like pivot tables and conditional formatting

Sophisticated predictive tools

Customizable reports

Highly interactive dashboards

Advanced mobile and desktop platforms

Conversion among xlsx, csv and pdf formats

How is the service organised



What involvement from your side is required

We are focused on our client’s minimum involvement delivering a turn-key solution so a typical cooperation format includes

High-level cooperation with PM and PO to agree on the scope and coordinate the entire process

Communication with product, development and support teams on discretionary basis

Presentation of interim and final results to project teams and senior management

Full-cycle team`s expertise

We provide comprehensive software engineering services and extended teams to help you deliver complex solutions. Our expertise covers a wide range of tech stacks so you can trust that your project is in the best hands.

Programming languages



Objective C







Some Knowledge





Wix Toolset


Learning/Data Science

Test documentation

Test Documentation
Root cause analysis and degect reporting
Requirements analysis/review
Testing wireframes/design
Work with Database
Work with Browser DEV
Tools (ability to read and understand code and JS errors)
API testing
Mobile testing
Web testing
Desktop testing


Software architecture
Network programming
DevOps/Build system
Automation testing
OS knowledge