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Our engineers can handle the wide variety of complexity within the dozens of tools existing on the market. Here is the sample of those and the verticals we have experience in

As users require “now” and “everything” DevOps needs to ensure that the development lifecycle is quick enough to serve the user needs. We fully cover the ecosystem of tools and methods to ensure best practices for the user interactive applications through web or mobile channels from setting up and managing cloud infrastructure to deployment process automation

Connected hardware and its applications have many specifics in setting up and managing the infrastructure to ensure smooth feedback loop and better UX. We have experience with IoT products from setting up the device registration and identity to batch/real-time monitoring and security

Decentralized systems is something very new on the market and yet has no established “best practices”. Our team has exposure developing  infrastructure solutions within the Blockchain technology stack combining it with existing required supportive tools to ensure the best achievable performance

BigData has a special place on the map of technologies due to its rapid development within the recent years. We are able to cover any steps and tools required to ensure the efficiency of the data flow process from extraction to processing and storage

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