Cloud Adoption

Many companies have already adopted cloud within their architectures and using its benefits daily. However, for many others – this is still a “terra incognita”, which needs to be discovered. This service is tailored to initiate and master the cloud adoption process

What is Cloud Adoption Service from Zapalean

Our architects will assess your current setup, development needs and based on those come up with a cloud adoption strategy and implementation plan, tailored to your business, enabling cloud benefits uncovered but at the same time avoiding its bottlenecks.

After that our development team will make the plan happen as a turn-key solution with little involvement from your side.

What problems could be solved with the service

High maintenance costs

More traditional collocation or even in-house data center solutions require high maintenance costs for support and configuration. Cloud solutions rather provide managed services, which do not require a lot of time to set up as well as to support, with up-to-date technologies under the hood and operationally efficient

High CAPEX costs

Traditional setups require decent investment to get started prior you can discover the benefits. With Cloud there is no need to spend budget ahead, rather pay as you go with an OPEX-type expenses that can grow with your needs and be managed properly


Collocation or rack setups are difficult to scale quickly and your IT department is struggling to keep up with your business needs within squeezed budgets. Cloud services provide the desired performance exactly when it is needed with low configuration and support effort

Robust Security

Data is secure at the locations you need to have or comply as well as backed up and fault-tolerant within squeezed budgets. Cloud services provide the desired performance exactly when it is needed with low configuration and support effort

What will you get as a result

Integrated, up & running cloud infrastructure

Infrastructure as a code for further use

Regular reports on the integration process

Cloud strategy plan

Documentation for further maintenance


Within our
Support Package

6 months

Subscription Plan

12 months

Subscription Plan

How is the service organised



After we assess your request our representatives will contact you to clarify the details and specify your needs within 1 business day


You will receive an implementation proposal after accepting which we can start



You will have a single point of contact from Zapalean, who will keep, update and enforce your needs to be covered by our development team


Integration process will be split in milestones and you will receive regular reports to track current and the long-run performance


Each milestone has an acceptance activity after which the next one starts

What prerequisits are for the service to be delivered

Well documented infrastructure

Discovery Sprint made by Zapalean to assess the current state and come up with a cloud integration plan

What involvement from your side is required

Answer initial set of questions

Provide access to the infrastructure

Give access to key operationalcontacts for daily activities

Decide on priorities when it is required