Infrastructure Support

When your product roadmap is tight – maintaining and managing your infrastructure might be time and budget consuming, especially, when you cannot afford a dedicated DevOps specialist. However, lacking one leads to key engineers’ being distracted from the product backlog managing the infrastructure issues.

What is Infrastructure Support Service

Within the service, our team takes all the infrastructure related issues off your core team shoulders

Our engineers can monitor your setup 24/7 and they will be ready to solve any outages to ensure the uptime and proper performance of all your machines according to different Service Levels (SLA)

Moreover, our technical team will perform the required updates and preemptive maintenance work to minimize outage chances with proper settings and architecture outline

What problems could be solved with the service

Infrastructure outages

Any critical or major issues will be resolved by our engineers ensuring your infrastructure works properly initially by the preemptive maintenance and proper setup as well as by hands in any emergency cases

Outdated and not relevant infrastructure setup

Your setup will always be up to date, ensuring smooth workflow from the development team to production. We will apply industry best practices to architecture planning which enables the required performance to support your users

Team distraction

Your team can be 100% focused on the product development and your key engineers can have their hands free to tackle technical product challenges rather than infrastructure issues. We can report directly to CTO and get minimum attention from your development folks

What will you get as a result

Up and running infrastructure

Updated and optimized setup

Infrastructure as a code for further use

Regular reports on the infrastructure state


Within our
Support Package

6 months

Subscription Plan

12 months

Subscription Plan

How is the service organised



After we assess your request our representatives will contact you to clarify the details and specify your needs within 1 business day


You will receive an implementation proposal after accepting which we can start



You will have a single point of contact from Zapalean, who will keep, update and enforce your needs to be covered by our development team


Development team will support the infrustructure and keep it updated according to business needs


You will receive regular reports to track current and the long-run performance

What prerequisits are for the service to be delivered

Well documented infrastructure

Discovery Sprint made by Zapalean to assess the current state and come up with an infrastructure support plan

What involvement from your side is required

Answer initial set of questions

Provide access to the infrastructure

Give access to key operationalcontacts for daily activities

Check from time to time our progress

Decide on priorities when it is required