DevOps Automation

The service is specifically designed for companies that have a need in their operations’ function automation but either don’t have enough capacity or required skills available. You can avoid hiring complexity for short-term implementations covering your long-term business needs.

What is DevOps Automation Service

It can be applied both for implementing specific tools to cover very niche needs like introducing Continuous Integration, implementing Docker for containerization, introducing Monitoring or in general to the whole development operations function

In case of specific business need, we can advise and implement the specific tool/set of tools that can automate your processes

In case of little Operations Automation in place we can suggest the whole automation framework in combination with the tools and processes as well as the implementation strategy with key milestones and timelines

What problems could be solved with the service

Long development cycles

Companies are agile in developing the product but each time delivering features to the market might take too long to make it work. We can implement the practices widely adopted by companies having tried DevOps e.g. continuous integration or infrastructure as a code, which can decrease substantially the time from development to production and bring you on track with market expectations

Painfull and error-prone manual deployment

Continuous Integration/Delivery tools like Jenkins, Teamcity together with Ansible or Chef automated provisioning can help you automate the process and help your key engineers avoid manual, error-prone and time-consuming work to deploy newly developed features

Inconsistent development/test/production infrastructure

Infrastructure as a code approach implemented by our engineers can eliminate unnecessary manual work to hold your environments consistent. Consistent infrastructure enables your development and testing teams to have less argues and concentrate on product quality with increased velocity and feedback loops

Quality transparency absence

It is important to track product quality from early at the feature lifecycle to being live in production. Automated monitoring tools like Zabbix, Newrelic, Datadog, Rollbar, ELK stack – can help tracking and hence improve feature velocity and quality metrics both during the development/testing process as well as while in use by the clients

What will you get as a result

Integrated DevOps automation tools

Infrastructure as a code for further use

Regular reports on the integration process

Automation strategy plan

Documentation for further maintenance


Within our
Support Package

6 months

Subscription Plan

12 months

Subscription Plan

How is the service organised



After we assess your request our representatives will contact you within 1 business day to clarify the details and specify your needs


You will receive an implementation proposal after accepting which we can start



You will have a single point of contact from Zapalean, who will keep, update and enforce your needs to be covered by our development team


Our development team will implement all the required tools/processes


Automation process will be split in milestones and you will receive regular reports to track current and the long-run performance


Each milestone has an acceptance activity after which the next one starts

What prerequisits are for the service to be delivered

Well documented infrastructure

Discovery Sprint made by Zapalean to assess the current state and come up with an automation plan

What involvement from your side is required

Answer initial set of questions

Provide access to the infrastructure

Give access to key operationalcontacts for daily activities

Check from time to time our progress

Decide on priorities when it is required