Big Data Analytics

Data is promised to bring high value to companies of all sizes and domains soon. However, this value is still locked in many cases due to data quality or lack of expertise. Zapalean helps companies to uncover the value of data through analytics algorithms application.

What is Big Data Analytics Service from Zapalean

Through our Analytics service, we will explore your business needs, define data strategy and implement it with the help of iterative lean hypothesis testing and implementation approach.

Our business analysts will explore your business goals and needs, define ones relevant for data domain and together with Data Analysts and Product Owners from your side create your data strategy and its implementation plan.

After that our experienced engineers will implement each step through the iterative approach testing hypothesis one by one, selecting the best-performing ones and integrating those to work within your product.

What problems could be solved with the service

Limited knowledge of own data

Frequently companies have limited knowledge of the data they own and how it could be used with the help of modern technology approaches. Analytics service may help to get deeper insights into the client or operational data and use this information for an effective business decision process

Time to market pressure

Market pace is increasing and competition demands to be quick, however, your team does not always have time to focus on every area. Our engineers can offload your team and explore the hot data areas you didn’t have time to dedicate to

Lack of expertise

Main priorities and hence technology expertise for your team might not coincide with the data stack. Our team is dedicated to the field and will be able to augment your expertise and unlock the areas in data flow setup unavailable for you previously

What will you get as a result

Data pipeline elements

Regular reports on project flow

Data strategy plan (upon request)

Documentation for further maintenance (upon request)


Each client request and project is tailored. Please, contact us to get the pricing option for you.

Within our
Support Package

6 months

Subscription Plan

12 months

Subscription Plan

How is the service organised



An initial business clarification call is required to define overall needs and priorities


We receive business and technical documentation together with your clarifications


We estimate the effort required and possible solution options


The proposal for the project roadmap is presented



You will have a single point of contact from Zapalean, who will keep, update and enforce your needs to be covered by our development team


Our experienced development team will implement the designed roadmap


The process will be split in milestones and you will receive regular reports to track current and the long-run performance


Each milestone has an acceptance activity after which the next one starts

What prerequisits are for the service to be delivered

Ready for use data set aligned with product strategy

Workshop held with Zapalean to assess potential options for discovery

What involvement from your side is required

Answer initial set of questions

Provide access to the infrastructure

Give access to key operationalcontacts for daily activities

Check from time to time our progress

Decide on priorities when it is required